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Pooja Shukla is a Social Entrepreneur and a Driver of Purpose.
She is the CEO of LA VIDA Training and is the Founder of COSMOS Global Network.

LA VIDA Training provides Talks and Training Programmes on 'PURPOSE' for organizations and education institutions. With fully customized and unorthodox methods, the sessions revolutionize the way we look at our importance and existence on our own and in our teams.
COSMOS Global Network is the world's largest network of World Visionaries (C-suites), who come together and provide intelligence and insight to eradicate systemic social issues. They are hosted in partner countries by Governments, Ministries and MNCs and incorporate their zest for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with real world problem solving.

Pooja believes strongly in living the best version of life, and places great emphasis on self-discovery and exploration. She advocates living a higher life of purpose, to leave things better than we first found it. She also places great importance on her relationship with people and preaches that when you know and have better, be a value-add to others unconditionally.

She has won many awards globally, as a Global Iconic Influencer, Most Successful Person in Singapore, Most Trustworthy Services, amongst others. She has also represented Singapore internationally at various conferences and is a global keynote speaker on the topics closest to her: DEI and Purpose.

Pooja has had many life changing globetrotting experiences and adventures and incorporates her life's journey into her work profoundly. She is innovative and resourceful and works with your personality, behaviour and objectives to craft effective solutions to your problems. She is highly considered for her skills, intuitive personality and warm nature.

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I am an enthusiast about sharing ideas and experiences and provide keynote speaking both online and in person.

The Human Purpose & Finding Yours
Social Entrepreneurship
Corporate Social Responsibility

How to Build Purposeful Connections

How to Get your Team to Believe in your Mission

Aligning your Purpose with Passion

The Purpose of a Team

Why What We are Doing is Not Working

Every talk is fully customized and mandates a 20 minutes induction call to understand needs, explore concerns and objectives.

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PURPOSE COACHING - 1 to 1 or Group
(only human purpose coach in Singapore)

Are you... Feeling lost? Out of sync? Sudden loss of motivation? No drive when you wake up? Forgot what your passion is? Contemplating a change in your life but don't know how? Unable to get your team to cooperate with you? Unable to get your team aligned with your purpose and vision? Confused why your people don't work well with you? Confused why you don't fit in? Craving validity and acceptance from others to make yourself feel happy?

I provide a wide range of coaching programmes on a personal and group level and this circles around PURPOSE. Understanding your difficulties, finding solutions, and formulating your next step, is something I am truly passionate about. I believe in exploring deep down the issues you and your teams are facing and bringing to light the true reason why things are not going the way you want it to. I have worked with accomplished high-networth professionals, powerhouses, managers, executives, high functioning women and troubled
teenagers. Everyone is going through something, you are not alone, this is normal. What we need to do now is to explore those areas preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself. With proven tools, techniques, sharings and psychology incorporated exercises, your Purpose will shine through.

I also provide entrepreneurship coaching, business strategy consulting & branding and am a connector for businesses because of the extensive networks I have had the pleasure of building throughout my years.
My programmes are fully customized, effective and highly reviewed globally and I ensure that all objectives are met during our journey together while we explore your PURPOSE and get you and your teams where you want to be.

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