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LA VIDA training coaching consultancy school programmes enrichment talk speech global international pooja shukla poojalavida
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LA VIDA training coaching consultancy school programmes enrichment talk speech global international pooja shukla poojalavida
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Finding Your PURPOSE / Team's PURPOSE



Customized to the organization/institution's objectives and needs, we share about the dynamics of Human Purpose and how it is the foundation for every choice made. We dwell deep into the human psyche and the reasons for our choices and actions - Why we do What we do and Why we are Who we are. We explore how our actions, emotions and behaviour impact the outcomes on self and society and the ripple effects of 1 single thought.

We often find ourselves feeling 'stuck', 'lost', 'confused', 'aimless' and at a 'dead-end' - these are feelings that arise due to the lack of Human Purpose. It is sometimes difficult to navigate through these challenges and hence it is important to look within, and search through exploration of our senses, Who we are and What is our Purpose here.

Our highly interactive customized 45minutes/1 hour talk and our 1 day boot-camp workshops will serve to answer many questions and unearth many secrets of the human psyche and Human Purpose. You will leave feeling new and whole, with an enhanced sense of fresh beginning and purpose.


Every connection is bound by the dynamics of Purpose. In order to work together and achieve objectives, we have to keep our people close to us, we need to build camaraderie amongst our team and lead them with Purpose. One of our ultimate achievement of Human Purpose is to build Purposeful connections that enable us to get from where we are to where we want to be. We cannot exist simply by ourselves and we believe that greatness can only be possible if we strive Together with Purpose. Who are we if not for our connections who have impacted and shaped our lives in various ways? How can we believe in our Vision if we do not have our people believing in the same?

We bring your people together through unison and collaboration towards shared vision and goals, help your people and teams realise the importance of building Purposeful Connections and work with them to explore their own Human Purpose for their connection with you and your company.

Because every culture at an organization is different, our programme will be fully customized. Tell us what difficulties you are facing, tell us what you think is causing the divide between you and your people, tell us what you wish to achieve and we will inspire you on how to purposefully build your Purposeful Connections.



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